About Genevieve

From an essay to a tweet, I approach all forms of communication with the same goal:

telling an engaging story.

I hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of British Columbia, where I majored in Creative Writing and minored in Art History. My creative nonfiction, personal essays, and articles have been published in magazines including Canadian Art, Elle Canada, and Montecristo, and I’ve written web and social media content for small businesses, large companies, and more.

By day, I work in communications for a nonprofit arts organization, and I’m always busy in the Vancouver arts and literary scene. When I’m not writing or reading about art, you can find me trying new restaurants, enjoying some at-home spa treatments, or thrift shopping.

Genevieve Michaels

Feedback & Reviews

” As a magazine contributor, Genevieve is responsive, thoughtful, and professional. As a writer, she is talented and inquiring, with a clear and compelling voice. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Genevieve for several years in her role as a contributing writer to SAD Mag. She approaches stories with genuine curiosity and insight, and her finished work always surpasses our expectations, no matter how high we set them. “

Writer, Editor & Former Co-Publisher

” Genevieve has a great combination of creativity, business acumen, and a passion for storytelling. She is an expert at turning information into engaging copy which helps us build trusted relationships with our social media audience and blog readers. She thoroughly understands how to take what’s in your head and turn it into flawless, appealing content. Further, Genevieve is able to fit the content into the voice and branding of our product. She is a well-spring of fresh ideas and is committed to excellence. “

VP Marketing

” I had a visceral reaction reading [Genevieve’s] essay on fashion seen through the lens of an identity crisis. The writing transported me into the author’s need for protection during a time of loss. We wanted a strong, original storytelling voice that would stay true to the theme of the contest, and we found it in a powerful, unexpected piece. “